One thing I LOVE about Golden Milk is that it's delicious both hot and cold! It makes for the perfect cup of warm sunshine on cold, bitter days just as perfectly as it makes for a refreshing cold and creamy sip on sweltering summer days.


While Golden Milk has become all the rage in the western world over the last few years, it's actually derived from an ancient medicinal drink commonly used in India called Haldi Doodh. Originally made with just hot milk and turmeric as a remedy and preventative measure for many minor ailments. 


The word on turmeric's benefits has spread like wildfire and for good reason. This powerful rhizome is most widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Providing relief for countless conditions including arthritis, toothaches, bruising and PMS symptoms (to name a few).


Curcumin is the compound responsible for this super root’s vibrant yellow-orange colour along with its famous anti-inflammatory power. So powerful that it’s actually comparable to over-the-counter anti-inflammatory agents, plus it’s free of all the nasty toxins and side effects. Turmeric for the win!


So, it's no surprise that Golden Milk and Turmeric Lattes are making appearances in many coffee shops and even on grocery store shelves (in instant powdered form). It's an exciting time in the health and wellness world, and while this is wonderful and very convenient, you really don't need to head out to your favourite coffee shop or spend big bucks to enjoy this dreamy, medicinal delight. Making Golden Milk is surprisingly easy and quick if you have the ingredients on hand. Plus, this recipe uses fresh turmeric rather than powdered, so all that anti-inflammatory goodness is in full force!





Golden Milk

All you need is some fresh turmeric and ginger, cinnamon powder, vanilla extract, a natural sweetener and your favourite plant-based milk (my favourites to use are coconut or tigernut). Just a reminder that it's always best to use homemade if possible as many store-bought versions often contain not-so nutritious fillers and preservatives. Click here for some delicious plant milk recipes. 




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