It's a little hard to imagine life without bread, am I right?! 


I mean, it has been suggested that humans started baking bread at least some 30,000 years ago. So to say the least, we've grown pretty reliant on our soft, fluffy and oh-so-satisfying loaves. But let's get real, most of the bread we put in our bodies today is far from the way our ancestors made it. Plus, it's become overly accessible, causing us to have the tendency to overindulge. Due to these two main issues, we are seeing a rise in gluten and grain intolerances as well as how a diet high in simple carbohydrates is not so healthful. 


Now, what if I told you, there's a super-duper simple way to make a yummy flatbread that doesn't even contain grains? (Does a little happy dance)


When I used to think about making gluten or grain-free bread (let alone bread in general), it was as if a dark cloud of overwhelm would float over me. Often, I would give up before even giving it a go. However, my determination to find a healthy bread that satisfies the cravings yet doesn't wreak havoc on the gut or spike the blood sugar, held strong. I began experimenting with flatbreads and voila, turns out they're crazy simple to make!


This one here has been favourite across the board; it's only five ingredients, takes a few minutes to whip up and is all said and done in about half an hour! The base is almond flour and arrowroot starch, making it completely grain-free. This simple flatbread makes delicious garlic bread, bruschetta and even pizza crust! The other night we brushed some fresh garlic and avocado oil on a few slices and toasted them up on the BBQ, seriously so yum!





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