When I came to the realization I had developed a plethora of food sensitivities nearly ten years ago, the only sweetener I could tolerate at the time was honey. The sugars were probably the hardest to avoid because they are snuck into almost everything. My biggest issue, however, was missing out on chocolate. I'm not much of a sweet tooth except when it comes to chocolate! I am basically the epitome of a chocoholic. I was not willing to live a life without it, but I also wasn't willing to forgo my health, so I made it my mission to learn how to make my own homemade, naturally sweetened chocolate treats. It took a few failed attempts, but eventually, I got it down and since have been honing my chocolatier craft, experimenting with many refined-sugar free chocolately treats. And now, I'm excited to announce; these heavenly, Healthy Hazelnut Truffles are the very first chocolate recipe that I'm actually sharing!

  An Aztec Emperor Revered Cacao as More Valuable than Gold, It's said that he drank 50 goblets of xocolatl ("shocolatle," a spicy and bitter cacao elixir) each day!



1. Cacao - Cacao powder is the raw form of Cocoa and contains the many nutrients that get lost during processing. The reason for processing Cocoa is to take away some of the bitterness. However, bitter foods are great for our digestion so, the bitter the better! Raw Cacao is high in flavonoids (powerful antioxidants), but what's even better is that the compounds found in Cacao can also increase the absorption of these antioxidants, giving more bang for your buck! Flavenoid antioxidants, specifically, offer protection against damage to arteries and cholesterol. Cacao also contains saturated fats that are actually beneficial to cholesterol as well, unlike the saturated fats found in meats.


2. No Refined Sweeteners -  One of my favourite sweeteners is Maple Syrup; it's rich in minerals, including manganese and zinc. It also doesn't spike the blood sugar as quickly as refined sugar does. Refined sugar is devoid of nutrients, and because it gets so quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, it wreaks havoc on, of course, blood sugar and thus hormonal balance, it also feeds the harmful bacteria in our guts. Basically, refined sugars are a concoction for inflammation, blood sugar issues, hormone imbalance, weight gain, anxiety, depression, and so on.


3. Hazelnuts -  The creamy filling inside these truffles is made with 100% real-food ingredients. No modified this, no palm oil that, no artificial flavouring. Just the real Mckoy baby! So yes, real hazelnuts, coconut milk, maple syrup and only clean ingredients are used to make this dreamy, creamy filling. Hazelnuts have many nutritional benefits but are known for their high content of the monounsaturated fat, omega-9, which also has beneficial effects on cholesterol. On top of that, Hazelnuts are rich in arginine, an important amino acid that plays many roles in the body, including vasodilation (which can help lower blood pressure), and wound healing.



Refined Sugar Free






Antioxidant Rich


Full of Cholestorol Loving Nutrients





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