Five Ways to Add More Greens into Your Diet

We all know eating our greens is good for our health. However, some aren’t so inclined to indulge in a big plate of green veg.

I could go on about how greens are rich in nutrients like calcium, iron, folate and vitamin C, making them beneficial to skin, hair and nail health, heart health and bone health. I could also mention that they’re high in antioxidants and a good source of fibre, providing many more health benefits. But, that still might not do the trick as I know just as well as the next that sometimes sticking to comfort foods can be easier than making a change even though we know the benefits, and sometimes we get stuck in a rut or just don’t know where to start when making changes to the way we eat. So, here are five tips to help you eat more greens!

Five Ways To Add More Greens to Your Diet

1. Eat Your Greens For Breakfast

Steamed greens or a green bean sauté make a delicious side to eggs or breakfast sandwiches. Scrambles, frittatas, quiches and breakfast muffins are also way more delicious when loaded up with veggies!

2. Drink Your Greens

Adding vegetables and leafy greens to smoothies or making juice is a great way to get a quick fix of nutrients. There are also some great greens powders on the market for an added nutrient boost!

3. Infuse or Hide Your Greens In Your Food

Grind or finely chop leafy greens and vegetables and add them to homemade savoury muffins, nuggets or crackers. Load your pasta, rice and quinoa dishes with your favourite veggies. Make homemade cucumber dressing, zucchini cake and hide your greens in creamy soups such as broccoli or leek.

4. Cook With Fresh Herbs

Herbs provide many health benefits, which are far more potent when fresh. Add fresh herbs such as parsley, thyme, oregano or sage to your dishes for extra nutrients and flavour!

5. Make Your Own Veggie Broth

Most commercially made vegetable broths are made mainly from vegetable and herb powders and contain added sugars, preservatives and flavours. Making your own is a great way to know exactly what your broth is made from, ensuring it’s made from nutrient-rich herbs and vegetables! Click here to get an easy and affordable recipe.

Forcing yourself to eat something you don't like is no way to live, but that also doesn't mean totally forgoeing the healthy stuff. Experiment and find ways to cook and prepare leafy greens and veggies that tantalize your taste buds, it's the best way to stick to healthy eating habits!

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